New Year Resolutions 2018

Apart from the usual après-NY bash decision… to take more water with it…

I’ve decided that the cupboards are too full with stuff I never seem to use. Resolution is to work my way through them, one at a time… see what can go to a good cause… and the rest dispose of in some way, as environmentally-safe as possible. :grin:

What Resolutions have you made this time around ??

I have some new ‘walking’ boots so when the weather improves my big resolution is to go on more randonnées.

Also to stop eating chocolates and to drink less wine ! The first is difficult because I was given chocolates for Christmas, and then my Belgian friends arrived for the New Year and gave me a large box of Belgian hand made chocolates …:chocolate_bar:. The second is not so hard (except that said friends will be having a few 'do’s before they go back) so might possibly manage to cut down afterwards !

With reference to cupboards being full Stella, I think we all hang on to things that could be’ useful someday’, now though if it hasn’t been used in the last 3 years it goes on the brocante ! :innocent:

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