New Year's Resolutions - every year I make 'em, every year I break 'em

Although every year I make simple, supposedly easy to follow resolutions, I seem to end up falling back into my old ways. This year I'm determined to make some changes:

1. Our move to France is now imminent (if I ever hear back from the notaire, that is) - I will not dwell on the obstacles that will be coming, but that this is a fantastic adventure, to be embraced with open arms, rather like tree hugging.

2. I will make a concerted effort to spend more fun time with The Kid and not be tied to the computer 24/7 (even though there still has to be an element of that for work).

3. I will not be so dependent on a car - the Kid, the dog and I have legs made either for walking and cycling (no, the dog won't be cycling). We will become healthy!

4. I will stop watching TV when the Kid has retired for the night - French TV will probably help me do that anyway. I'll go off and do something more creative instead.

5. I resolve to keep my New Year's Resolutions!