New Year's Resolutions

So come on then...what are they? Or have you even made any? Is it something that people have more or less given up doing?

Personally I love NYRs. It seems like the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again or just set yourself a challenge or two.

So, I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours....

Dunno about resolutions, but I know this. (Hope you get it)

Après les vœux, qui veut ?Toute la difficulté du processus de libération humaine, et tous les drames qui en découlent, tiennent à la sous-estimation par les peuples de leur « génie » propre. Prendre pleine conscience de ce « génie » ne peut relever d'aucun vœu, mais de l'audace pratique de chacun, propre à balayer progressivement, démocratiquement au sens le plus actif, tous les obstacles institutionnels qui encombrent son chemin. Passer des vœux au je veux. J-P J

Oups i meant change my glasses.

First of all Catharine i have already broken a résolution, reading SFN members post before writing mine. As i write before i am going to look after my health the best i can to get through this new year.try to do exercise, that is not so sure, try to be more tolerant .Last but not least change my glandes cos i canot read a word of my message.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Well, I did have permission to swallow several glasses of Herself's "rhum arrangé" for digestif. Home produce, see :)

Côtes du Rhône, that gnat's... But no proper drink!

Survived, just ; faced with deadly temptation, I had to bid the demon "vade retro". Made up for it with speculoos biscuits and several glasses of Côtes du Rhône :)

Did your OH take your temperature? Did you survive? When will the doctor arrive? Keep us posted Ian, you sound quite ill ;-)

Managed to only have one apéro last night despite having mates round :)

Only resolution: Remember to not make a resolution so that nobody can tell me I have not kept to it.

Your Goals should be SMART goals Vic, so choose your goal and check it out. Mine is

S - pecific, no drinking on certain nights

M- easurable - I either drink or don't drink

A- ttainable - that's why I haven't gone for all week as I know I wont do it :-)

R- easonable - good not to drink every night but not killing myself

T - ime constrained -set a date to achieve it by or in my case - trackable.

:-) Back in my previous life I went on many training courses to make me into a good boss and this was one of the more useful things I learned.

Me too. No alcohol on school nights and join a gym.

No drinking alcohol on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays - exceptions allowed if invited out - as I already have two invitations to share gallete des rois next week :-) Remember the best resolutions are achievable ones!

S - specific, significant, stretching

M - measurable, meaningful, motivational

A - agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented

R - realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented

T - time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable

Cut down on the apéros, Catharine. Tough one to keep, seeing as how old codgers are forever handing me them :)