Just trawling around in here:

What 'groups to join? Was attracted to the gardeners, but I don’t have a garden anymore; the one I had, down in Grasse, with its collection of old roses, has now got a block of flats on it. And I moved up here to the mountains surrounded by pine forest. I walk there a lot, take lots of photos of birds, butterflies and wild flowers. No groups?

Not much space to put a tag on the map. I was amazed at seeing the huddled tags down the west coast – I was once told it was because of the high rainfall there, making the Brits feel more at home :-))

I’ve been here, more or less continually, since Ted Heath let us in the common market in '73, and now I realise I don’t think English anymore (I don’t mean the language).

Thanks for your news,Terry. I’ve gone in for wildlife photos with a Nikon D90 and 400mm lens, that I’ve been pleased with, but now hankering after 5OOmm. Done a bit in the States last year and here are a very rich (summer) populations of animals, birds, insects and wild flowers. Also help with the Vulture re- introduction project in the Verdon, but you can see all that on my livejournal blog.
Also found myself a good stoneware clay up here, although still have to go down to St. Cézaire to pot. Looking for a workplace nearer to save all that driving.
If you ever cruise up this way(although I doubt you’ll get this far up the Artuby) don’t forget to call in.

I’m glad you settled, I haven’t seen you since the day you moved in! I got out of the Financial Services rat race (too many rats) and went into ‘looking after large properties and horrible people’. I finally got fed up with that and sold everything and bought a river cruiser which I now live on. Started in Dijon last year, got up to Strasbourg, Nancy then headed back south (the other south) and wintered in Castelnaudary near Toulouse. We just do paintings and cruising now… you would love the wildlife! I’v" bought a decent camera and have some pretty decent shots of creatures great and small.

Right now I half regret it as I’m snowed in again, but at the time (2003) I was glad to get up here, out of all that. Closest shopping for me is Castellane, otherwise Grasse is an hour’s drive. OTOH you live a much more friendly life perched up here.

Lovely scenery. We live near Grasse now and it’s getting pretty crowded. I’d love to move somewhere quieter…

Hello Terry!!! Glad to see you around too. Where have you got to?

Good to see you are still up there!!!

Photography group? Mountain passions?

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