Hi, I've only just joined this site and I started my business in April 2011 (having been self employed in our own business for 20 years in UK previously). I hope to join in the discussions and contribute where I can. I have a facebook business page and I am on LinkedIn and Viadeo as well as other business networking sites.

Looking forward to reading about others' experiences in business in France.

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reply...

Of course, I'd love to send you a bracelet asap. I have sent you a friend request so we can chat privately. I would obviously like to discuss your requirement in greater depth.

Hi Peter, thanks for the welcome.

I am an Agent for the BrodPod range of magnetic therapy bracelets (the 4 in 1 therapy bracelet) to help people with pain relief from a variety of different ailments. I also have magnetic products for dogs and horses. BrodPod is owned by the original designer of the Bioflow magnetic bracelets which had a succcessful trial documented in the British Medical Journal.

For 2012 I am planning on increasing the range of health and well-being products that I offer.

I am very concerned about the effects on us by the EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) from mobile phones, WiFi and various other devices and I offer products for detection and protection of this invisible health hazard.

Hi Vanessa.

Welcome, can you send be a magno bracelet PDQ?


Ron Birks

Welcome Vanessa, can you tell us a little about your business?
Best Regards