Hi All,

Just a quick message of introduction. UK born and bred but currently living/working in Florida. Previously lived in Perth Australia, Germany and of course France where I first moved in 1978. Lived mainly in Languedoc and Provence back in the day and my parents-in-law currently live in Nice.

We are planning to re-locate to France as soon as possible because we want to (it is like home to me and my lovely wife is starting to feel that way too) and elderly parents in France and UK can be better looked after when one is closer.

Looking to keep up to date on what is happening as a few weeks visit once a year does not give a full enough picture.


Thanks Marie-Antoinette. Health care in the US is something else. I’m still baffled by it and amazed by its complexity and lack of social compassion though From what I have seen Obama Care made some improvements. My family and myself have experience of the French system which far outshines UK, Australia and the U.S.
The Charente is a lovely area, you are very lucky.

Bienvenue Andy. Provence is a lovely area of France, but so is the Gard and the Hérault. We are in Charente Maritime and have come there from Illinois, 8 years ago, we love it here, and the health care is wonderful.

Best of luck in your choice. Marie-Antoinette

Bonjour Roger et merci.

Merci Ron. A bientot!

Probably a small village in the Herault or Gard. Hopefully close enough to the high ground so I can start hill walking again!

Thanks, can’t wait!

It really depends on where we find a house that suits what we want and our budget. Provence would be closer to the in-laws but you get less for your money in terms of house as a rule. We have been looking closer at the Herault and possibly the Gard. It’s all striking distance from Nice and there are airports to get me back to UK to see my Mum too. As soon as the housing market turns around here in Florida and my wife’s investment properties are no longer in the negative so we don’t lose money selling we will make a move. I’m hoping there will still be a market for decorative concrete overlay, countertops and sinks by the time I get there as this is what I currently do. Either that or I try to get back into the vacation rental game as I used to be Director of Housekeeping for 300 high end rentals here in Florida.

Welcome back and best of luck with your move

Welcome back Andy, I have been here in France for 25 years and still love it.

Will you be returning to the Provence or looking more into the beautiful countryside?

Take Care



Welcome back to I assume…maybe, la bele Provence…where are you planning to move to? :slight_smile: