Newly registered AE - Agirc & Arrco and Serivce des Impots d'Entreprises?

Hello everyone! I have been lurking around here for a while and now my head has grown really sufficiently big and I must ask some questions!! If you have come across similar experience please help!

(super short self- intro: I'm from Hong Kong :) living in Marseille for 2 years now. I am on a Carte compétences et talents.)

I have registered online for my AE-ship end of August and have started my activities (Environmental counsultant) in September. I have set up my net-entreprise account. I have opened a bank account for my work. I have got my INSEE inscription, my Siren/SIret but I have subsequently received lots of documents asking me to confirm adhésion to this and that scheme...I am a bit puzzled!

To start with, I have received "Choice of institution" forms from 2 Rétrait Complementaire companies who claim to have to deal with my protection sociale and that it is obligatory that I make a choice, even if I am an AE and do not have employees. There is a clause "Je soussigné _____ déclare adhérer a XYZ Retraite ARRCO/ AGIRC, et m'engage à respecter les dispositions actuelles et futures des accords collectifs précites" which bugs me. Why do I have to consent to adhering to this scheme even for future changes to my statut/ AEship or employement??

Do you know whether I MUST reply to at least one of these companies? I really do not intend to hire anyone here and I have not paid taxes nor had any social security protection since my arrival in France (long story in short, I continued working freelance for Hong Kong clients and hence been paying taxes in HK. But they are very kind clients who agree to pay me in Euro so I figure I should start paying French taxes and get a carte vitale here) I don't have any professional, social régime affiliation.

2ndly, I have also received a letter from Direction Générale des finances publiques with a 'Memento Fiscal', where under my 'Obligations Fiscales' my Régime d'imposition is "MICROE" - is this correct? SHouldn't it be AE? for TVA, it is noted "RFB - Franchise en base"-- shouldn't this be exempted?

Have they made a mistake or soemthing?

Meanwhile, I have not received any letters from the RSI/URSSAF about my cotisisations. Does it mean I have to declare my impots with (once I get a taxpayer number of sthing like that ?) but my securité sociale with net-entreprise?? I have set up a antotelechargement de charges with my account for the net-entreprise account...

now I am confused about what I am paying who and to whom I declare what.... can anyone please enlighten me?

Thanks heaps!!



Wow thanks a lot Andy. That's very well explained. I've also just got the paper from URSAFF so I guess I'm correctly encadrée as AE.


Hi Monika,

I don't think you have anything to worry about. You've registered correctly, got your SIRET and are ready to run! As regards all the letters from the Retraite Complémentaire companies, you are theoretically obliged (i think) to choose one of them, even though you won't pay anything to them unless or until you employ someone (which would involve changing you status). They're all basically the same. Your own Retraite Complementaire will be paid for through your CIPAV payments.

For the letter from the Direction des Finances Publiques, it's normal that it says "MICROE" because the AE tax régime is the same as that for Micro-Entreprises, in terms of the earnings thresholds, exoneratation of VAT, etc. You will just pay your income tax on a three monthly basis instead of annually (2% of turnover, I believe). The words "RFB - Franchise en base" do actually mean you are exonerated. Just don't earn more than 34 600€ a year - otherwise you lose your AE status AAND become required to charge VAT!!

Good luck!


that's a good recommendation Maria. I've seen that website, but wasn't sure if it was any good and €50 is a lot of money for me!! I may even join now!

Thanks Maria. I have come across this site, too, before and have found her videos informative. I'm just trying to see if there are similar cases out there first before resorting to paid help.. :) thx anyway!