News from a friend

She told me that she was listiening to Sky news this morning and

it was predicted or expected that there would be a surge in foreigners

looking to France as a good place to buy PROPERTY and take a holiday.


I hope so.

Wonderful John I want a busy time.

We all do?

Sounds like good news for all those people who have had their properties on the market for a long time...

speaking with my 'agent immobilier' hat ... I have several others by the way !! .. there has historically been a peak of Brit's arriving in France every four/five years. On that trend, we were due for another in 2009 - but the 'crise financiere' hit the world marketplace and it didnt arrive. But you cant dam up a wave forever, sooner or later it will breach the dam, and all the best predictions from property professionals I speak to regularly is that it will arrive this Summer !! .. hold tight .. it could be a busy time !

I have a feeling that France will dancing in the streets;

good things are going to happen.

It is a great place to live. No country is perfect but I have to say France is not bad (even if it is raining a lot for the moment) :)

Me too.

I am glad we are already here.....

Me too.