News from uk

Well today I read that my old neighbour Simon Cowell has had trouble sleeping...NOT enough

sleep and driving in the fast lane is mighty dangerous....It does have to stop at some point.

So maybe he should book a week of silence and retreat from his life style and let

us show him how to rest. Put in in a hammock in the middle of the vines.

I think that he would benefit from a week with Aunty Barbara and Uncle Jonathon.

The Nhs is being bribed...apparently to reduce referrals to hospitals.

There are apparently big financial insentives.

It seemed to be happening when I was in UK and I got the impression from the

way I was treated by the Surgery which I used in west London that it was already in

progress many years ago.

But one person...or even a few is no defence against the power which supports large

institutions. But that is my story and it will remain impregnated in my mind unless it forms

part of a book which goes to print.

Ghost writer in the storm?

On the subject of N.H.S and, I can here a few boos....but, APPARENTLY breast enlargements

are being carried out on girls as young as 16 and on 2 women over 85.

I hope this info is a big porky....

But fav word today.

If a woman cries out that she is physcologicly unable to cope because she needs bigger

breasts ...operations take place to help them out.Can it really be true?

I do wish that the starving people in the world got similar compassionate assistance.