Newsletter 25th September 2010

There was no newsletter last week as we were all suffering from a stomach bug that was akin to The Black Death. As the Higginson household is now plague free, I'm pleased to be able to bring you a full round up of news and views from the Survive France network.

First off, I'd like to congratulate Sandra Hanks - her Business Owners in France group has now got over 100 members which is a fantastic achievement and shows that there is a clear need for the mutual support and information sharing that is a feature of the group. Sandra was one of our earliest members and we are incredibly appreciative of all she has done - thank you Sandra!

If your kids are struggling at school or you have any other school related questions, don't forget to try the Survive France Homework Club and Wendy Wise has also got a couple of useful contacts up her sleeve as she explains, "If your children are having trouble with maths, help is at hand wherever you live in France. If you look on and search under "mathematics" you'll find two very experienced maths teachers: David More who lives in the Charente but also teaches via distance learning and Alf Ledward who covers depts 47, 24 and 33 and also teaches chemistry and physics. The Survive France Bookworms group is gaining momentum and this week we've launched The Brilliant Bookworms Book Chain - a sort of virtual book club where SF members get to exchange books and reviews. If you are looking for ideas on something new to read, look no further! Gil Jackman has also posted a special offer for Bookworm members so do check it out.

And another special offer for SF members - this time from John Falchetto who is organising a webinar on the 30th and would like to offer any SF members who register for the webinar, 30 days of free coaching. See his page for details.

Lynn Stone has been busy creating a new cat Rescue and Rehoming Centre "Chats du Quercy"; please do take a look at her (temporary) website and they have some wonderful greetings cards for sale.

Judy Mansfield is creating a photo essay - View from the Expat French Window - if you'd like to be involved just send Judy your details - website address, location (department is enough) and a .jpg photo - we've sent ours and it's a fun way to promote yourself! And talking of photo's - if you haven't yet uploaded a picture of yourself, please, please do so. And don't forget to press SAVE when you've done it - otherwise it won't work!

That's all from us - have a great weekend and enjoy the rain - time to get ready for autumn and start making the sloe gin. Yum!

Catharine x