Newsletter Sat 7th Augist

Membership of SF has nearly reached the 700 mark - this is a pretty amazing achievement and is due in no small part, to all you members spreading the word about the SF network. So a very big thank you, from James and I.

This week we've had a sudden influx of new members which is great news - a big warm welcome to you all. If you haven't yet done so, please, please, please can you add a photo of yourself. This is one of the features that makes SF unique. Using a image of yourself is vitally important; as a result we all 'know' who we are talking to / dealing with and it adds to the friendly, professional atmosphere that is a big part of the SF network.

On the subject of new members, I know some of you are already taking it upon yourselves to welcome people. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do welcome everyone personally but if I'm busy with other things, its nice for anyone who has just joined, to get a friendly welcome from some more established members. So if you notice someone has just joined, why not pop along to their page and say hello?

Lynn Stone is always happy to receive used greetings and Christmas cards. Lynn then recycles the cards for charity. So if you have a stack of old cards hoarded away, please get in touch with Lynn and pass them on!

Still on charitable matters Lucinda Hannant has launched The Cryptic Music Quiz! in aid of Cancer Research. You can download the quiz and instructions from Lucinda's website and the answers to all the cryptic clues are pop artists or groups from the last 60 years. So hopefully you will have heard of them.....

Caroline Hemery is now the very proud owner of a fantastic cafe in Anglet 64. The Bigola cafe is open from 10 - 3 and 7 -11, serving delights such as cooked breakfasts and toast and peanut butter....with fish and chips and Banoffee pie at night. Yum. They also provide free WiFi which I am delighted about - the next time our internet connection dies, I will be headed straight there - far nicer than McDonalds car park which is my usual haunt. Full details are on Caroline's FB fan page so do pop along, have a look and offer your support.

Have a great week!

Catharine x