It's been a couple of weeks since the last SF newsletter. James and I have been incredibly busy with various projects and somehow managed to end up driving the length of France on one of the hottest days this year, in a car with broken air con.........You lot all seem to have been equally busy so here's a quick round up of your news.

Barbara Walton is running a painting course from the 9th - 16th October in Videix, Limousin, France and is also starting a Thursday afternoon sketch club from mid-October onwards.

Nicky Whenman is expanding the Vie at Home range into Brittany. If you haven’t yet come across Vie, they do some great products and Nicky will be offering personal beauty consultations, pamper parties, beauty workshops and much more using innovative, award winning make up and skin care.

Kathryn Dobson and Jenny Lupton are appealing on behalf of ERF for homes for three pairs of donkeys - you can find full details of the donkeys here including an adorable foal. Kathryn would also like to remind everyone how important it is to maintain your kids’ English and that Accents and Bees are starting up again over the next couple of weeks. Get in touch with Kathryn for more details.

Jacqueline Brown is currently offering Gite owners a FREE 12 month no obligation listing. This is a great offer, so do head over to her site and take advantage of it.

Lee Hayes is still looking for a property to rent, in the Cotes d’Armor region. The property must be available for a year and have a pool.

Wendy Wise has just added a new course - fibre crafts with Gloria Peek in Normandy. Gloria has her own sheep and grows dye plants so students can learn to select and clean a fleece, dye it and spin it, plus felt-making, using different fibres like silk or bamboo and refresh their knitting and crochet skills. See for details!

Do check out the events section, the easiest way is to click on “View All” - there is loads going on:

Tracey Robshaw is hosting another Quiz Night at Harveys restaurant on Sept 10th in aid of ERF. Peter Lake is organising an “Energy Healing Workshop” in Toulouse and Clara Villanueva is running another workshop “A journey to the source of your own creativity”. There’s also a garage sale, creative writing and painting classes, an Indian meal night in aid Of Cancer Support France, book sales and a Charity Horse and Dog show. So something for everyone!

We've added LEADERBOARDS to the site this week - a fun way to see who's active and posting on which subjects. We've also added a new section in the RESOURCES tab at the top of the page - REVIEWS. Over the next few weeks we'll be adding our comments on products or services that we've been using. Please get in touch if you have something you would like reviewing.

And don't forget to check out the new groups - there's a Homework Club for all those pesky school related issues. If you've got kids and they are old enough to post, this should be a great resource as we have some older 'lycee' age kids on hand to help and answer queries. I'm looking for someone to run this group so please let me know if you might be up for this?

Stuart Wilson has set up a fab group for music fans and there is even a really cool DJ widget - make sure you Listen In ! And we now have an SF book club for all you Bookworms - a great place to find some new reading matter and recommendations.

We are also looking out for people to help run the Photography group and the Land Rover Group. No qualifications required - just a passion for the subject matter!

Right, that's all from me. I need to go and help the rest of the troupe who are all stacking wood in the heat. It's character forming....Have a great week and let's hope the sun keeps shining!

Catharine x