Next week might be the last fling of Winter... or maybe not

Grabbing the thermals yet again… and the hallway is full of logs… in anticipation. Take care everyone…

Forecast for our area is below -10 for 3 nights. Might get interesting if it snows as well​:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Good grief… 12 layers plus hot water bottles for you, I reckon… :relaxed:

About 10 years ago, it dropped to -25 every night for 2 weeks, wasn’t too bad as during the day it warmed up to -10. That was cold…

The strange thing here at the moment is that, despite the forecast temperatures, there is enough heat in the sunshine to make the daytime temperatures significantly higher. My house, like most others, faces south and although the temperature on the north side might not creep far above freezing the front basks in warmth. The house stays significantly warmer than it would during overcast days. When I lived in Germany in mid winter the sunshine seemed to make very little difference, when it was cold it was cold. That was never a problem, it’s like being on a ski holiday, you dress appropriately.


As usual our local superu has all the gardening stuff on display this week. Loads of plants for sale but no buyers in this weather. It’s a shame but I guess they buy in advance and have to put it out now even though it’s too the cold.

Yes you are near me…somewhere the sunshine in the garden and in the car was

Minus 12 forecast for us :frowning:
I remember one cold winter when we had ice on the inside of the windows, it was -20° in the morning and so cold that I wore tights, 2 pairs of trousers and loads of jumpers. Looked a bit like the Michelin man :rofl:
My main worry is mum, at 86 years old, suffering from Raynaud’s disease as well as being disabled she needs a temperature of 25° in the house, not so easy to acheive !
I can’t imagine how the homeless cope …
Wherever you are keep well and warm and remember spring is on the way :blossom:

Spring… maybe not today… maybe not tomorrow… but … soon… ??? :zipper_mouth_face:

My birthday is at the end of March… I was born during a tremendous snow storm (OK, Mum was indoors :wink:)… 25 years later… my daughter was born on my birthday, again with a horrendous snow storm… so glad I was in the Maternity Home. They kept me in for the standard 10 days… and it was still thick snow when I took my gorgeous baby home.

So, it ain’t over until… its over… :roll_eyes:

Will we get -10c for 28 days… ??? :fearful:

Brilliant sunshine and perishing north wind. We have a commemoration at the cemetary this evening… and judging from the comments flying around… we will be a real rag-bag collection of “mourners” wrapped up in blankets and whatever comes to hand… brrrrrr

This is one occasion when you hope the Press does not attend… :zipper_mouth_face:

Just got in from walking the dog, only -5, but 25 km/h wind makes it feel like -15, thermals on tonight methinks​:fearful::fearful:

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I’ve been working outside most of the day and I didn’t think it was too bad.

Were you in the wind? It’s been great here in the sunshine but only out of the wind. The wind is evil.

A mixture David, digging out a tree and cutting up a hot tub.

Well I was cutting up a tree and then got into a hot tub afterwards :grin: Despite the welcome sun the wind here was horrible ,sweeping across the fields and straight into every little gap it could find. Having to put almost as many clothes on to go to bed as I wore outside. Tomorrow is going to be worse :weary:

I was going to say something (roughly) on this subject, when i thought …i wonder if someone already has.

Yes a bit jack this week ( jack frost)… i walk dogs during the lunchtimes ( not my own), and up on parts of Cotswolds it is a little nippy.

my loosely related offering, is to do with the general (uk) public, and some of their antics when threatened with a dollop of snow, and their regard for other people. One instance here of shoppers in Tesco… the behaviour saddens me.