Nice idea.. to help lonely old folk

I think this is a great idea…what happens in your neck of the woods… ??

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People are friendly.
From what I can see and know people “look out” for neighbours and
that seems to help drive away lonliness.
I hope to set up a coffee afternoon for ladies who want
to make new friends locally.
There is a walking club and Pilates in our village.
Where are you Stella? Which village?

Barbara… the Posties will be visiting/checking on folk who are infirm … and lonely… These folk are not able to undertake Pilates and Walking for fun…they are stuck at home… and alone…with no neighbours.

In a village, neighbours will generally look out for one another.

Well there is old and there is old.Yes I understand.
In a village there is much more of a community feeling…certainly
so much more than there was in London.
I am glad to have experienced it and to see the lack of selfishness
in its true form.

What a nice idea… to set up coffee afternoons… or similar… hope you get a good turnout. :relaxed:

I think we will.
It will be enjoyable.

Yes it’s a good idea but it has its price … 2 visits each week amount to 59,90 each month. Worth it for the family for ‘peace of mind’ but if there is no family it could be difficult.

There is’ familles rurale’, (not just for the elderly) anyone concerned about an elderly person can contact them for advice. Ask at your Town Hall …

As always, the Mairie is an excellent point of contact.

Volunteer Visitors are always welcome at the Maison de Retraite… (where you might not think anyone could possibly be lonely. )

In reality, there are folk there who never (or hardly ever) receive a visitor…staff do the best they can, but if someone can undertake to go for a regular 15/20/30 mins a week… and sit and chat with these lonely individuals it is really appreciated.

Anyone interested could contact the Home direct or the Mairie (who will have someone who deals with Senior Welfare stuff)

No major language skills, ability to exchange a few words will do, kindness is the prime necessity.

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. It is a very good idea for the postman to visit seniors if asked.I looked it up on the Poste page and it costs 36,90 euros per month with two months FREE.
We have to pay for everything in France.

What you don’t have to pay for… neighbourliness and generosity…:heart_eyes:

Correct Stella , in our village the oldies try to help each other as much as possible, visits, help with shopping, a cuppa and a chat.
But with my last message, i just wanted to let SF members that the postman’s visit is not free as one may think.
Have a nice day…

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Hi Carol… glad your village is as friendly and caring as ours.

The video does say how much it costs… but, yes, I reckon not many watch right to the end…so thanks for your comment. :slight_smile: