Nice jumper, and incisive (which is unusual for a garment)

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the letter to Warm and Wonderful as well as a thank-you note for the replacement in the auction lot. It also used the sweater’s small hole to confirm authenticity.

The maker’s company member who kept this jumper showed brilliant foresight!

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It would be interesting to curate an exhibition of this sort of sartorial messaging by public figures - one thinks of

And of course, rather more subtle, ERII’s brooches

Might be a bit dangerous if open to interpretation. Not all would, as Mrs Trump, exactly what they meant to message, and to whom.

The late Queen Elizabeth often used both jewellery and the colours she wore to send positive and subtle images. Other members of the family do the same. It is actually quite an old royal custom. Extends, sometimes rather endearingly, the messaging of accessories in portraiture.


I wonder how the malicious on social media will twist that one.

All this messaging does not include the recently auctioned sheep jumper worn by a 21 year old member of the aristocracy in Sloane Ranger fashion. Viewers, and in that case social media with hindsight, impose their own story. (I can only hope the woolly was finally acquired by someone who will donate it to her sons and the sad erroneous tale can be put quietly to rest.)

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