Nigel Farage says 2 of his children have German passports!

Grade A pillock!

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To be fair the two of his children in question have a German mother.

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I was liking the Pillock ‘bit’ Mandy :grin:


I’m usually less polite.


Appalling, shameless, terrible arse of a man. Poor children being saddled with a father like that.


I see no reason to be fair when it concerns that little shyster.


Me neither, I’ve scraped better off my shoe.

But in this case I think the press are sensationalising something which is perfectly understandable and for which neither Mr Farage (because it’s pretty much nothing to do with him), nor his children should be critisised for (because odious as he is I see no reason to taint his family unless they choose to fight for the same cause).

If either of his sons strongly supported Leave only to make use of an opt-out in the form of a German passport then critisism is fair enough (I haven’t checked).

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