Nigel Farage's 'March to Leave' was an epic fail and Twitter happily tore it a new one

According to the link James Potter says via twitter that he has f*cked more people than have turned up to March which is around 250. He sounds like a nice lad :face_vomiting:

Some would say that Nigel Farage has f*cked more than that.

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British weather wasn’t on his side, nor it appears were many marchers.


Absolute class!!!

I love the comments about the LML campaign logo looking like the Tesco Value logo !

Today’s fash aren’t a patch on the ones of yore - and I bet their leaders did more than walk a few token steps before retiring to the pub …

I have to grudgingly concede that the Jilly Joneses are significantly more “impressive” …

Farrago à gogo

This wonderful photo from The Guardian (no longer available there) not only depicts the ludicrousness of Farage’s march, but could also become the defining image of post-Brexit England!


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