No longer eligible to sit on local council

(Jane Jones) #1

No doubt people do know this, but somehow despite knowing I would no longer be able to vote it had passed me by (duh!) that couldn’t stand for local council either. Shame as I’ve just been asked to join a list for the next election…which is probably because I hop up and down about the current ineffective group so much!

So those of you who are already on councils will have to stand down at next election.

(stella wood) #2

It is pleasing to know that you have been asked to go on the List… I know you have local issues which need addressing…

Dratted nuisance about the way Brexit is affecting so many aspects of our lives here in France…

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(Paul Flinders) #3

Or take French citizenship (sledgehammer vs nut, I know).

(stella wood) #4

The problem/difficulty is the timeframe… takes a long time to get all the paperwork together, translated and put forward… then the processes begin…

If there were a swift/shortcut it would be taken by many folk I reckon… but the Result/Decision needs to be finalised before (I think) the end of April 2020… not sure of the deadline for putting in the Lists…

No point in putting a name forward if that person has not been granted Nationality… :thinking:

(Paul Flinders) #5

Absolutely but if anyone has really enjoyed serving on local councils the only way to do so would be as a French National. Clearly one would have to stand down in the interim.

Of course I am sure many would not want to take the serious step of citizenship, just to be able to serve on the council - hence my sledgehammer/nut comment but having done so will surely help the “integrated into society” element of the application.

(stella wood) #6

:smile::smile: If one is already committed to serving on the Local Council… Citizenship is a natural extension… sadly one which cannot be undertaken within the necessary time-frame… :thinking::roll_eyes:

In the 2020 Local Elections… it is not a question of “standing down”… it is a question of not putting one’s name forward…

(Jane Jones) #7

But it does mean that those who have been here for more than 15 years can neither vote in UK elections nor in French ones. What happened to no taxation without representation? Seems like an affront to our democratic rights…

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