No mobiles at School ... Final Details due any day now

Some say we should embrace technology… especially in School…

I think it remains useful to learn how to use one’s Brain, in the first instance…

and maybe a mix of both would be the way forward… who knows ??

Wouldn’t like to think Bs daughter had no contact with Her Mum or Me, but yes, strictly switched off inside the school. Bad enough seeing adults sitting playing/texting in Hospitals, Planes etc.

Why does a child at school need to be in contact with their parents during the day? There is no place for mobile phones in schools.

Your opinion Dave, you are becoming, quite boring :+1:

Tell me why any school child needs to contact their parents during the school day? Not boring, a fact.

Your opinion, the facility exists, why should they not be able to use it in extremis, don’t be silly D’ :slightly_smiling_face:
Are you an ex teacher?, seem to be a few on here. :slightly_smiling_face:
Btw, the young lady I refer to, would not appreciate, being referred to as a ‘child’, she is in a metal foundry, at the moment, on a stage, studying electricity, please stop trying to take the p’, makes you seem quite ‘sad’ :unamused:

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My kiddo has one with a La Poste SIM - cheap and cheerful. He’s not allowed to switch it on during the school day at all but it’s very reassuring to know that it’s in the bottom of his bag, especially during the winter months, in case the school bus breaks down etc. At least then hopefully he can get through to me, signal permitting. If he messed about with it at school, he’d be in trouble - especially with me - but I know the panic I’ve felt before when there’s been no sign of him at the bus stop and I don’t know if he missed the bus for some reason, it arrived early and something happened before I arrived, etc etc. Especially in rural France I think they’re almost essential once the child is old enough to be responsible.

I’m in two minds…I certainly remember a few times pre mobiles breaking down on motorways and the trek to the closest motorway phone…but always relatively safe in the knowledge that my kids were with a childminder and the worse that could happen was that when I didn’t arrive home on time then my ex would pick them up instead of me…it took a while but after my first mobile phones I wanted my kids to have a basic one too…that way they could text problems and hold ups to me directly and I could contact whoever needed to know…I think they should be turned off during “lessons” but I also think that a mobile is a necessary evil…much as I hate the “tracking”…”mom…I’m going from school to my friend’s house”…”ok…dinner is at whatever time…see you then”…From my son…”mom…she’s put me in detention AGAIN…can you pick me up at such and such a time…???” x :slight_smile:

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yes kids should be allowed their phones at school but turned off during lessons.


The problem in schools here David is that when a teacher is sick or absent then there is no cover for them so lessons are simply cancelled and the kids are often told to go home and if phones are banned then how do they contact their parents? When strikes were on (a frequent occurence) it was not unusual for us to go back to the school within an hour of dropping them off as they had no lessons for the whole day. A bit of common sense is needed here and mobiles should to be banned from the classroom with severe punishments for those that ignore the rules.

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Hi Tim… what age group are you talking about… ???

The problem was mainly at College when they were between 11 and 15.

Ah, I’ve no experience of the collège… but I am concerned to think of kids being cast adrift…

Locally if there are strikes (or any disruption) with our Maternelle and Elémentaire … everyone (school/mairie) goes to great pains to ensure the kids are safe and parents/guardians are kept in the loop. No kids are allowed to bring mobiles.

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As I read things it only effects Primaire and College, we never had a problem with the Primaire as the teachers never seemed to be on strike etc but at times college was a nightmare and it wasn’t unusual for my wife having to visit the school three times a day to collect the kids who all finished at different times. It seems as if Macron is throwing his weight around for no good reason.

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We’ve had odd happening (or non-happenings) over the years… mainly to do with our fight against threatened closure of classes…

At my grandson’s school in UK… the parents give the school a contact method (eg email or SMS) an, in case of need, individual or blanket messages are sent out.

Perhaps that could be done in France… just a thought (and perhaps it already is in some places).

ahh you hit the nail on the head, why did you delete it.

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Thought I may upset admin Harry :grinning:

its supposed to be done but it never happens. we got told the day before last strike by our kids. no teachers told us anything.

Age btw i’m not saying little kids should have one but those in upper schools ie 10 or 11+ and im talking restricted phones no Facebook or internet or wifi just a simple device to call or txt parents etc.

On a note of that. My son is 9. He just got a Nintendo switch for his birthday and the first thing he did once he set it up is ensure the internet was turned off with a parent lock. We did not ask him he just told us. He also has a phone that has our numbers programmed into it, he cannot call anyone else and no one call his phone but his contact list.

I checked it this morning was still in his bag I charged it in the beginning of may and its still near full battery. Yes he is the only kid in his class to have his own phone too. The reason he has it is if he gets stressed he is allowed to ask the teacher to call us and talk with us as it helps with his ADHD when it hits. Last time he called anyone was 6 months ago but having the phones gives him reassurance.

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Quite agree with you Harry. There will be … and should be… exceptions to each and every rule, according to need.

The whole phone/laptop subject is being discussed at all levels and, hopefully, the outcome (whatever that may be)… will ensure the safety of kids at all times.

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14 years ago when my daughter was 12 her grandad gave her his old brick of a phone. She was so happy, me not so much. Not long after she had an after school club. It was winter so dark nights. She ran to the train station and jumped on the train as it was going to leave. As she normally got the school bus she didn’t have a ticket although the conducter sold them on the train. Unfortunately she got on where the conducter was standing and he asked her if she had bought a ticket from the machine. She explained that no because she would miss the train. So this guy threw her off anyway. Luckily she was able to ring me on her mobile and I met the later train. The conducter on the second train was lovely when i met her and said in future tell them you’ve lost your money then they cant throw you off. So the phone stopped me worrying for 30 minutes and we learned that sometimes you have to lie to these power mad conducters.