No more Pootsy

Well, that was even faster than I expected. Plus Brandon Lewis has already committed to Westminster passing the Irish Language act. Bad day for the DUP. This wasn’t what they expected when were strutting up Downing Street to kibosh Teresa May.

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Not before time imo, there is even a suggestion that this might trigger an election (for Stormont not just the DUP) in which Sinn Fein might emerge dominant.

And that would trigger a border poll wouldn’t it?

Has Edwin Poots, who apparently believes the earth is only a few thousand years old, unwittingly created a United Ireland at last, with no help from DeValera, Michael Collins or anyone else?

What a way to mark your place in history, even if it is short. :rofl:


A very busy 21 days.

I’d love to believe that, but think a Sinn Fein election victory would be just one more step in a long drawn out (albeit seemingly inevitable) process. One for the next generation?

Maybe so, but I am not so sure, anyway, he could still claim creator’s credit. :laughing:
Somehow don’t think he would want to. :wink:

Most people under sixty in the RoI don’t care about a united Ireland. Ni is is a failed statelet that costs the Exchequer £4B a year to keep staggering along. Nobody except Sinn Fein and a handful of Irish civil war minded throwbacks have any interest in increasing the already high personal taxes to support a bunch of moaning minnies (of both flavours) in NI.

I have no political allegiances, I dislike both sides of the NI divide equally :roll_eyes: and I’ve watched this rubbish for over fifty years. The Unionists are right to say SF are (cleverly) run by a bunch of IRA thugs. They should know because they are run by a bunch of Unionist thugs.

The DUP are on their way out, but a united Ireland won’t happen overnight. though I believe that when it does come about it will benefit most of the island’s inhabitants.

The border seemed a sensible solution a century ago but that’s no longer the case, nevertheless it will take a generational political and demographic shift for it to be removed. It’s obvious tha the Westminster government only cares about NI for strategically jingoistic reasons and pride about it being a constituent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NI (does any other country have a more contrived name?)

I keep thinking about the reunification of Germany. Of course there are many differences - but one similarity, I think, is that neither opinion nor practicalities in Eire would stop the politicians facilitating reunification should a real prospect arise. The sense of historic destiny, of playing midwife to the rebirth of a nation, of taking your place in its canon of great names, would simply overwhelm all reservations, however sensible - as Kohl said, there would simply be no real choice.

You’re a romantic Geof :slightly_smiling_face: I think North and South Korea would be a better comparison than East and West Germany.

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