No snow, no frost, no water

This morning we woke up to green fields.
I went into the kitchen to make tea and found a dry tap.
We were hoping all the difficulties with the bad weather were over, but it does not seem so.
The emergency telephone line is constantly engaged and there is nothing, so far, on the website.
What problems are you experiencing today?

What a nuisance for you Jane. Hope it gets sorted soon…

Fingers crossed, nothing untoward in our village… bitter wind though.

Neighbours the same or just you?

Perhaps a burst main somewhere. If the emergency line is busy, it suggests a lot of people are affected.

More than likely Anna.
The website now says that there are several urgences in our department.
No idea of how long will be without our supply though.
This is typical of these service providers. It seems to be one of their raisons d’etre to keep customers in the dark.
All those poor people trapped on the A 303 and M62 not knowing how long they were to be trapped in their cars and with no help.
At least we have some bottled water, which we try to avoid buying because of plastic bottles.
If the worst comes to the worst, we can always boil the water from our forage.

Graham, we try to avoid 'phoning our neighbour as she goes on for ages.

Maybe she is in need of help and support then?
In our experience here (the Charente) they take matters of burst water mains very seriously. I specifically recall two occasions in our small lieu dit where there was a burst main and the water authority were on site very quickly to arrest it. One of those occasions was a public holiday and they were on site with a digger within the hour!

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She has a husband, but she is a very difficult person to deal with.
She writes and complains to the mairie weekly.
Fortunately they are moving soon.

Let’s hope you get some “good” neighbours then Jane. Do you know yet who has bought the place ??

Yes. It is the son of a friend and his family from Lyon who want it for a second home.
We got the water back after four hours, but a real lack of information unless you were prepared to hang on the end if a 'phone for hours.

hope that you are enjoying plenty of hot drinks…tea
I am sure that you keep a stock of bottled water like us.
Just in case.