No vote in départementale elections

We dutifully trotted along to vote today, only to be told we weren't allowed. Municipal (mairie) and European only.

It seems wrong to me, we don't have a UK vote in the county council elections, so shouldn't we have one here for the département? As it is we are unrepresented at that level, that can't be right.

Hi Damaris - you have to laugh at the system don't you? Your excellent example just proves how ridiculous the whole thing is in terms of logic.

Thanks Steve, that is interesting. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of logic. My only consolation is that here the candidates were all pants. Must admit that in a sadistic way I miss the kerfuffle that always ensues when I go to vote! The sheer panic on the faces of the councillors as they try to work out which list I'm on and where I need to sign ( only been here 9 years!).

Don’t worry about it, just get on with your life.

I've just checked, and your husband would have a vote for both town and county (and European), so it's not the same

Hi Steve,

I was aware that we couldn’t vote but I too believe that we should be able to. As Shelley rightly pointed out, we pay into the system and therefore should have some say in what is happening around us. I don’t see how departmental elections do not concern us. The very same Mayoress that I voted for in the local elections has just run for the departmental elections (and apparently got in on the first round), so I feel very much involved!!

Hi Steve,

Yes, I agree (and so does my French husband)! I knew I wasn't allowed to vote but you are quite right, we pay taxes (foncière and habitation ) and those of us who work here pay into the health and social services systems not to mention taxes on income. It would seem logical that this should entitle one to some say over departmental representation but no. Can't remember how the UK system works and if it was the sale for my husband when we lived there.