No win situation!

Well having just watched England’s not so brilliant performance against France at least I won’t get too much hassle from mates out on our training run later this afternoon! Are you in the same situation when France and England meet - if England win you get “friendly” hassle and if France win you get teased no end. My brother-in-law even phoned me at half time to take the piss, and during the last world cup he supported South Africa just to wind me up!!!

Entente cordiale, what entente cordiale?!!!

Having said that, I have to admit to knowing far more about and being far more familiar with the French team players than England’s :open_mouth:

Let's just hope for a good game, I think it could go either way and both teams put so much into winning their quarter final that we could see them playing a different game on Saturday!

Enjoy your pummelling Terry and watch out if Wales win next Saturday - he’ll probably do more than just pummel you :open_mouth:

It should be an excellent match, can’t wait!

I suddenly remember I’m Welsh when England lose to France (and vice versa) which annoys my rugby-mad physio no end as he can’t wind me up. I expect I’ll still get an extra hard pummelling on Monday.

Just to report back: 3 hours cycling and 90 km of good-tempered leg-pulling and even one “mais tu t’en fous non, t’es plus français qu’anglais!”

Yes Jon “allez les bleus”, I fall that side of the fence too but there seem to be a number of people who prefer a british team, or even anglophone team, to win rather than France, even Brits living in France!

and Johnny, I’m sure your boucher is enjoying his 80 minutes of “cocorico” by now :wink:

For me the no win situation was last weekend when watching England v Scotland with my son - he supports England in the first instance (born in England, English father) - and my French neighbour was stunned by the competing sounds of swing low sweet chariot/flower of scotland being bellowed at the top of our very loud but not melodic voices.

Hi Johnny, fortunately my OH is very understanding and doesn’t tease me, in fact she doesn’t really care who wins but that’s another story.

As for supporting Wales, and no offense to Welsh members, … I’m backing France all the way from now on :wink:

First reply already planned for this afternoon… oui, oui je le sais mais en parlant des champions du monde c’est qui le nouveau champione du monde de cyclisme!!! Thank you Mark!