Noisy dogs

Well I have to say that for me a noisy, yappy dog going on and on is unacceptable.

There are people who go out to work and have no idea, or even care, about the noise their animals make during the day.

I have a French friend who lives in a lovely appartment in a large town, she has tried everything to make the owners, who work, aware of the problem. Her ‘neighbours’ who also complain, amongst themselves, don’t want to get involved for fear of reprisals.

This poor woman is at the end of her tether !


This French headline is starting to make its way around uk dog forums…haven’t noticed much discussion yet though…

Here in my peaceful corner of Brittany I do occasionally hear the lonesome barking…sometimes overnight…I know of at least one business approx 8 miles away who have “guard dogs” on their premises and sometimes on a still night I hear them…and there is another local dog who I hear throughout most days and into the night …I’ve walked mine down the lane where he lives…he jumps at the wall barking but can’t get out…

Mine occasionally bark back in response/sympathy/worry to what they’re hearing/picking up from other dogs in the vicinity…

I’d never discourage mine from barking an alert at strangers on my drive whilst I’m here on my own though…I have metal dog panels erected both front and back…and deer mesh around my outback/field wilderness to safeguard both them and the surrounding cattle…

I never let them bark incessantly though…I can usually tell by the way they bark what the problem is and then bring them in whilst I deal with it…be that other dogs…or strangers… or hedgehogs…or cats…or birds…or frogs…or voles…

I’ve only ever had one person open the gates out front and walk into my conservatory without me knowing and that was the local farmer about the census…I suddenly heard “bonjour”…and walked out to see him stroking my Collies…I figured that if they liked him then I probably would too…x :slight_smile:

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Get real and live and let live. Dogs have an average life of 10 years give or take. Good change rhat you will outlive them bur if not your rime has come. Dogs are great companions and if, like mine, they voice thier opinions rhwn ao be it. Its all a bit like those whowant the church bells silent. Nimby’s piss me off.

Sorry for spelling errors but i think you get my drift

Those aren’t spelling errors ,they are a car crash

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Kruel but tru.

No John. I’m an animal over but there is are yappie little dogs that do my head in. Why are the shittiest little dogs the loudest? Maybe it’s like politicians, for example Dominic Raab is a chiwawa. Though the dog is obviously more intelligent.

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And Teresa May is a shitsu, which hopefully is spelt correctly?

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Perhaps you have not noticed that you can always check if there is a church nearby, but there is nothing to stop someone moving into your vicinity and bringing a noisy dog.
Our dog barks when a car goes by or walkers pass our house.
She is a rescue dog who was going to be shot when her owner died.
We rescued her from next door, so no difference, except she barks less now.
She is an absolutely delightful dog, which is amazing given how badly she has been treated by people.


It’s nothing like those who want church bells to be silent.

Most churches have been here for hundreds of years and if someone moves into a village and close to a church then they have to accept that, or go elsewhere.

If a dog owner moves into a community with their noisy, yappy dog (s) then they are uncaring and selfish, especially if they leave their animal (s) barking outside all day. They should be made to control their animals or fined or maybe form their own communities where they can all admire their barking dogs together !

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Uncaring and selfish? Get real.

Shih tzu

I live in a sleepy village in the heart of the countryside… we get bells, mooing, bleating, baaaaing and the roaring of the stags… along with bees buzzing and all the other naturally noisy stuff …like lizards doing tap-dances etc etc and the odd barking of dogs… nothing unusual…

But, there is one house, where the owners are out most of the day, every day. The acquired a dog last year … for the kids… but it is left alone, on the balcony… all day… and it is obviously unhappy with this situation. It barks as soon as it catches sight of anybody… even several hundred yards away…(and not even heading in the dog’s direction) … the barking is almost a mixture of “hello, come and play” and “hello, who goes there”… and once started it goes on, and on…

The balcony is elevated so the dog has a perfect 180 degree view. Its barking echoes back and forth across the valley and many neighbours have complained at the Mairie and to the owners themselves. So far, nothing has been done officially as the Mairie are loath to be heavy-handed and prefer gentler means… but… :zipper_mouth_face:

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I will stick with Shitsu, much more apt .

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Persistently barking dogs in the Uk ,when the owner does nothing about them, are considered a noise nuisance and can be taken to court

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If a dog is barking all day it is unhappy, together with the neighbours.

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Survive France, the clue is in the name.

So by that consideration let’s stop discussing Brexit then , the clue is in the name

If your dogs express their opinions maybe you can let them use your computer…they might be more lucid !

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