Non-contact Voltage tester from Fluke (Video)

The VoltAlert AC non-contact voltage testers from Fluke are easy to use — just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cable. When the tip glows red and the unit beeps, you know there’s voltage present.

These are available on Amazon France for around 30 euros including delivery, click the link below.

Fluke 1AC-II Détecteur de tension VoltAlert

200 to 1000v only on this model Brian, great little tool, I had a Fluke one previously that came free with a multimeter I bought in 2000 and it's only just given up on me. Quality gear.

Yes they are very handy, rather than calling it a voltage tester it should be a current detector. It does not tell you the voltage but rather that the cable is 'live'.

It will not indicate on 12 or 24 volt wires. Not sure about 110 volts

It has saved me from a boot a few times!! Brought mine over from Aus.

They are very good I have used one for over 15 years, but agree with Vic, beware they ate not foolproof

Seconded Vic.

Been using one for years. Good tool but beware if you are testing a bunch of cables as it can easily pick up 'stray' voltage. Easy to test for socket polarity with a gadget like this but no substitute for a multimeter. Test them on a known live source before trusting them as a 'knock' can dislodge the very fine wire inside which connects to the battery -ve. meaning it won't light up & you might blow yer frock off ;-)

Mmmm..interesting. I've never understood the more complicated voltage testers so this may prove to be very useful.

Thanks for the heads up James