NON-EU National and Teaching English

I am an American with Spanish residency. I have lived in France, went to university and never had an issue since I was considered "Spanish."

My Spanish immigration lawyer says I can work anywhere as a Spanish autonomo or independent contractor under the guise of my Spanish tax ID.

I wanted to spend the autumn teaching English in southern France but was told by one very established agency in Paris that I would need either a temporary work / holiday work / temporary long-stay / private life & family visa.

For sure my situation is not the norm, but putting aside my Spanish residency, how do over 30 yrs old, non-EU nationals land teaching jobs and which visa do they obtain?

Thank you


Every EU national must register, depending on the host state, in some form or another. However, the freedom of movement, labor and abode is guaranteed. The recently removed restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians is an insight into the law and how it has been applied.

Since the UK opted out of parts of the accord, there are provisions concerning applicability.

So in the end as you say, absolute freedom, no. However, an EU national can’t be denied.

That is what my friend believed, but then it is a UK residency permission he has so different to you. Forgot that!

Thanks for the reply. I am looking at private language schools for now, not primary or secondary educational facilities.

@Heather…you are right. I am looking at private language institutes. Also I have proposed what you stated, invoicing under my Spanish tax number, but every company has balked. Since they are not aware of something, it is not possible.

@Brian. If you possess a residency card any of the member states, except the UK, Ireland and Denmark, you have the same rights to live in another member state. The three mentioned opted out of the accord. I did not need a visa when I studied at the University of Lyon since I was considered a Spanish resident.

Being a non-EU national always puts a twist on things. I’ve read the EU directives and treaties but wanted to know if anyone has personal experiences.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hello Ron,

Firstly, you only need the CAPES if you intend to teach in state schools (private or public) in France, which I don't believe is even a consideration as I believe you want to teach for a short period in France ?

So, provided you have the equivalent to a SIRET no (independent contractor) in Spain for invoicing etc. you can teach in independent agencies etc.

good luck, suerte !

Yes, CAPES it is and must have. That would mean next year at beginning of school year at the earliest. If you have Spanish residency then be careful. One of my friends who is a permanent resident in the UK and has been there since at least 1970 was asked how long he intended to stay when he arrived in Bordeaux because residing in one EU country does not mean it is permission for all 28 countries as some people believe.