Non, je ne Bregret rien

Interesting article by Chris Grey on why support for Brexit remains strong despite the obvious downsides.

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The reality hasn’t hit them yet…

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The things is, I’m not sure it will.

If it turns out that Brexit is the great stimulus to the UK economy that the Leavers promised we will never hear the end of it.

If it turns out not to be so great then it will be anyone’s fault but theirs - either the Brexit will have been too “soft” or the EU will have punished us or the government will have failed to capitalise properly on the opportunity or anything but that those who pushed Leave were wrong.


Very interesting article Paul.

On both sides of the argument it has become virtually impossible to change your mind. It’s in someways like a religious person and an atheist person arguing. You will probably not going to be able to change their mind as it now goes to their ‘core beliefs’.

Or maybe I’m been to pessimistic… :frowning:


I think you are unlikely to change the mind of anyone who has staunch Brexit views. There are however a significant number of people who do not have staunch views who may swing towards the pro-EU side once the reality of the full Brexit deal is known in about a years time.

I sincerely hope a further referendum will be held based upon the reality of the negotiated deal so that people a fuller picture of what they are voting for/against.

Like your ‘core belief’ that the UK’s head of state should be elected.:wink:

Exactly Tim, well done I’m proud of you :slight_smile:


This song has been covered by many singers but Piaf is (of course) the Tops for me…

and with Shirley Bassey doing a splendid English version…

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Actually, it would not make a bad Brexit theme tune.

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The final brexit deal will be a trade deal same as Canada’s, anything else is not leaving.

I know it sounds a bit strange, but seriously does any of this REALLY matter? Personally I think the ‘deal negotiations’ are complete window-dressing and literally a waste of time, energy and even money.
No matter what deal is agreed upon at a fairly realistic estimate 50% of the British voters will be against it. and will obviously work hard to make it fail - which wouldn’t be that hard to do.
I don’t see the remotest chance of a ‘change of heart’ by the British, as crudely put the appeal of the Anti-EU voice is far too strong. There has been more than a generation of Brits who have been exposed to relentless ‘its all the fault of the EU’ accusations from both the major sides of the British political scene, and it has been absorbed.
Combine this with the essential ‘superiority complex’ of many Brits over anyone non-British, and it is virtually impossible to find any neutral ground on which to pin hopes for the future.

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No, not in the sense that it will stop Brexit. As to 50% being unhappy - I suspect it will be 100%. The Remainers will be unhappy because we are leaving, the Leavers will be unhappy because it probably will not turn out to be the nirvana they were promised.

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