Non parent taking child out of the country

Can anyone help us please

Our grand daughter lives with us in France and attends the local school.

My wife took her back to England last night so she can go on holiday with her Mum & Dad. When she got to passport control at the ferry port she was stopped and they initially said that she couldn’t take her on the ferry as she was classed as a French citizen and we needed a certain form or attestation because my wife was not her parent. She had a letter from her mother and birth certificate and passport, but the were insisting on a document of some kind. Eventually they agreed to let her travel but said it was ‘only the once’!

My wife didn’t manage to get the details of the “form” they were asking for. The school has finished for the Summer so although they mentioned it being something to do with the school, I don’t think the school provide it.

Can anyone please advise what we need to provide?

Download, print and fill in the form, autorisation de sortie du territoire, keep it with a photocopy of the ID of the person who signed it. The person who signs has to have parental authority. You can find the form if you google formulaire d’autorisation de sortie du territoire, it is cerfa form number whatever on vos démarches, something like that.

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cerfa no. 15646*01
Put that into google and the form should pop up. I have it on my computer but don’t know how to put it on here, I’m in Germany and using my tablet.

Thanks for all your help. I don’t think it should be necessary for the an child who’s a UK citizen, but better safe than sorry.