Non-profits, community groups, and charities

Hello everyone,

And no, this isn’t a sales pitch!

I would like to introduce you to Ridealist Productions - an emerging social enterprise video production team originally established as a non-profit society in 2009.

Since then we have produced more than 30 videos for small, grassroots NPOs and community groups on a pro-bono, volunteer basis.

We have decided to embark on this work full time - and from mid-June this year will be setting up our new base of operations at our home near Limoges.

However, we do plan to be very “mobile”!

Our essential “business plan” is to produce videos as a social enterprise - at an affordable social enterprise rate. This will enable us to remain sustainable while pursuing our original ambition to provide media services on a volunteer/pro-bono basis to those groups and individuals who simply have no budget.

If any of you good folk are are involved in charitable community activities and non-profits, please do get in touch. If you have a budget, great. If you don’t, well, we’d still love to hear from you and learn about what you are doing.

For some of our latest work please visit our website linked above, but for a more comprehensive gallery of the videos we have produced over the past couple of years you can find us on our page at GoodnessTV.

Warm regards,

Chris & Shirley

Appreciate all the wonderful replies. Would love to hear from others who are involved in NPO/NGO activities or grassroots community groups.

Us too, thanks Lynn... hope we’ll be catching up before too long!

"And no matter where you go, silly reasons for first getting a pet and then abandoning them are cross cultural.." Your video is superbe!

This is most certainly true Chris, and yes, there are many, many happy endings too - it is what keeps us going!

HI, thank you for your reply. Actually, Domino, the cat that appears on your opening page is the image of our cat, Socks... we’ve been told he’s a Norwegian tuxedo cat... long fur... but unfortunately we did not have the pleasure of meeting his parents... He ended up in a shelter/vet in Beijing where we picked him up to be company for Brian, our dog who also shares a “dark history” that we picked up off the street after some farmer was trying to sell him. Been with us for years now. Made the leap from Beijing to Hong Kong, and are now preparing to make the move to France. We did some videos for vets and animal welfare folks in Beijing. We are very firmly in the camp that pets are for life. So yes, something for an organisation like Chats Du Quercy is something we’d be very much up for! Here’s a video - a bit dated now - that we did for a shelter in Beijing. And no matter where you go, silly reasons for first getting a pet and then abandoning them are cross cultural.. and equally frustrating. - but enjoy Lulu’s Legacy - it has a happy ending!

No they do not

We, the Cat Rescue and rehoming Charity Chats du Quercy ( will I'm sure be interested in using your services in the future Chris, we have many educational ideas we'd love to play with.

Have taken a look at your Goodness TV page and it is very impressive, a great initiative!

Very best of luck to your success.

Hi Theo, received your email and have replied! Thanks. BTW, in your opinion is it worth us exploring AGESSA or simply going freelance/AE?

Hello Michael - do you know if France has the equivalent of a Community Interest Company - we considered setting one up in the UK, but all the extra layers of paperwork and regulations seemed to outweigh the benefits.

Thanks Lynn!

Hi Mike, this is something that Shirley and I have been “struggling” with - since Ridealist won’t be registered as a non-profit in and of itself. At least, that isn’t a road we’ve really explored so far. We were more looking at the idea of being freelance or AE. There is also AGESSA - my wife has been exploring this - where people engaged in the arts or media can expect some tax breaks. However, while the social charges - rates etc - are inescapable, to pay income tax you have to have an income. So as you say, we’d need to pitch at a rate that would pay the tax, the social charges, and leave enough to remain sustainable. Steep learning curve.

Hi Jan, actually, for a one day shoot it is exactly the sort of thing we’d be interested in doing! Unfortunately we won’t be arriving until about June 5th. But thanks for your message, and please keep in touch with us regarding future events. Good luck on May 12th!

Chris that sounds a nice idea. Its sustainable and it works, at least for me. There a ways to cover costs etc. You may have a look at my page for a start. More if you are interested.

In France, all voluntary associations are non-profit. They may count as unincorporated (association non-déclarée) or incorporated (association déclarée), public (association d'utilité publique) or private, and are created in terms of and governed by the Waldeck - Rousseau Act 1901.

There are rules governing non profit associations here Mike. You have to be registered with your prefecture and the 'bureau' or trustees have to have 'no interest'' in the charity - i.e. not making any money out of it yourself. Associations can employ people but again, those employees cannot be part of the governing body.

As an example, a vet for instance cannot or at should not be part of the 'bureau' of an animal protection charity as it can be in their interest with potential financial gains.

Can I ask how an organization can operate as not-for-profit in France as I did not think such a business concept existed here. If you charge for your services then surely the French Tax Authorities will demand their hefty slice and also there are all the other social charges that would need to be levied against the owners of the business? This would then mean that to simply exist you would need to start charging quite a hefty charge in order that the social contributions and taxes can be paid.

Regards, Mike L

Not sure if this is the sort of thing to interest you but I am hosting a 'Clear Your Clutter for Charity' event on May 12th in La Ferriere-en-Parthenay 79390. Its a big bring and buy sale with charities on site, folks can bring their clutter and donate to a charity of their choice, its also a garden fete and book fayre.. if its of any interest to you please contact me unfortunately there is no budget but I'm sure we can run to a cuppa!! jan smith