Non slip tiles - warning

I thought I would just put out a warning about non slip tiles. There are many types in the shops these days for patios, shower and bathroom floors etc. with varying degrees of roughness some of which just feel bumpy rough and some which have a sandy/gritty texture. These gritty ones are murder to clean! So be warned. Luckily my experience is from a very small bathroom floor in the UK. Any sponge or cloth just leaves behind any bits of hair or dust it has accumulated elsewhere. I have resorted to getting on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush and dry floor cloth.

I'm a retired architect and was in addition an expert witness and on several occasions I wrote reports on defective tiling, or on design faults in buildings, some of which had had serious consequences physically or financially. (Sounds interesting doesn't it- rather like pea grading? However fees on one big case eventually came to about £75,000). Tiles are not usually defined as being "non slip" but "slip resistant" to one degree or other and there are standards laid down and resistance can be measured. Many factors have to be considered, such as the wetness of the environment, whether the tiles have been laid to falls, joints etc. Generally the rougher a tile is the more difficult it will be to keep clean. A major problem is people walking in from outside (could be dirty, sandy or muddy) and treading in debris. is there barrier protection(i.e. matting designed to remve as much debris as possible? Do people wipe their feet? (not often!). Are most people no wearing trainers or similar shoes which pick up debris and deposit it where you don't want it? Do people leave their outside shoes at he entrance (common in many cultures but not in most European homes). In public swimming pools particularly are people coming in from the street in dirty shoes to access the changing rooms leaving a trail which others with bare feet are then having to cross to access the pool? A lot of the debris on dirty tiled fllors is grease and dead skin from human bodies so be warned! (End of boring dissertation- it takes all sorts!