Nordnet Satelite internet

Hi All We have been using Nordnet internet via sattelite for 5 years, its normally reliable if slow, however since Christmas it is on and off all the time. I asked a local guy to come and test our equipment which is working fine, at the moment we get internet for 12 hours a day but pay for 24/7. The local guy has told me that nordnet are not paying for the satellite signal, hence we are being turned off. I called Nordnet last week for an explanation and was fobbed off 3 times and am still awaiting a call for them. Am I alone in this or do others have a similar problem, and can anyone give me details of an alternative company for sattelit internet. Many Thanks Elaine

We have the 10GB which we pay 29,95 euros a month for and you can check your usage everyday and we have the option to top up if we go over our limit, you can leave credit with them so that it kicks in automatic when needed, not sure about the price of the other limits it should tell you on their website, there was a post on here a few weeks ago where someone posted a link to a price comparison site for satellite broadband, if you trawl back you should find it.

Hi Michael many thanks for that. Do you mind just giving me a bit more info. Is your internet limited? Ours is unlimited re. download amounts but of course totally useless when you have hardly any access, it costs us 35euros per month and I can get satellite from UK telecom but its 55 euros per month for 25GB a month and we have a couple of gites and our guests need the internet also, we also have to pay another 179 euros for a new satellite dish. I would be really grateful for some more info.

Many thanks


Hi Elaine, we have just gone over to satellite internet and are very pleased with the service, we have been with Tooway for nearly 3 months and we have not lost the signal once, we brought the system though BIG DISH SATELLITE, we found the owner john sidwell to be very helpful.