Norman Coast

Isn't fruit better than a pointy stick? I am a Monty Python fan. :)

Thanks Neil.

I was thinking the same,even on this discussion hardly anyone has joined in.

I see there are 137 members,it would be interesting to know the mediums used by everyone.

AAAAARRRRGH!!!! A damn fine piece of work Suzy.

Too true Debra, but all talk and very few postings of members work. I shall let my paintbrush do the talking.........or pencil or crayon or pointy stick.......

Thanks Debra and Ron.

That merits a wow.

A marvelous job, Suzy! I do envy your handling of watercolours.

Thank you for explaining that to me, Suzy. Unfortunately, humor is different in other areas of the world. So, without explaining that you are j/k (joking, in Internet slang), misunderstandings may occur. I try to make certain that I don't inadvertently step on toes. If I am being facetious, I will usually give you a heads up.

Of course, if I am intent on stepping on toes, steel toed boots might be a good idea for my prey. j/k :)

Well, must admit my joining this group has caused more participation in it than it had seen in a year. lol Seems your group grew a bit, too. Sometimes a little controversy creates a little excitement as well.

Here's a photo,look away Neil,look away![](upload://u1fG4VV1w3rHlIY5gpdwrG8AHR9.jpg)...with the painting.

We, British,call it humour.....I've had a good laugh at Neils comments.

I am including fiber arts. BTW, when I was a student at art school, I knitted a work using linked rubber bands. I won an award and there were articles about it in several newspapers. I believe my knitting was accepted as a piece of art. :)

Sarcasm isn't useful.

I believe I already invited you, Neil. I am having a bit of a problem with setting up the group as I keep getting error messages. James is going to help me with that. The name I finally settled upon for the group is Art Without Limits. I decided I wanted a name that didn't imply that the site was only for elite artists.

Too true David, there are some pretty ugly painters and nasty designers here, I think I'll join you - see you over at Debra's Salon (if I'm Allowed).

Who is Norman Coast, is he a member?

Thank you for your support, Suzy and as Spike said 'I shall wear it all the time'.

Debra, it is MY group and I will call what I want, so there!