North Korea - Foreigners should evacuate South Korea

Kim Jung-Un's regime is raising tensions by calling for foreigners living in South Korea to make plans for their evacuation - they would have us believe the peninsula is on the brink of war. Japan has deployed three anti-missile batteries around Tokyo to protect it's 30 million residents.

According to BBC Tokyo correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, Japan doesn't think Pyongyang will really attack so it could all be posturing and bluster. Even so, this is a very dangerous game to play, and to what end?

This is disturbing. Especially as my daughter-in-law hails from South Korea and all her family, gentle farmers and an Anglican priest brother, live there. This obviously impacts her, my son and their sweet children, who thankfully live in London, as it must all the S. Koreans world wide and eventually the rest of us who are drawn into it.

He's looking for food handouts - what a way to go about it. Wish we could drop a personal bomb on him. The world doesn't need idiots like him and the sight of those goose-stepping soldiers is chilling.

Everyone is dancing to their tune. Seems a successful strategy.

just thankful that I am free of military commitment.

South Korea has just raised its military alert status to 'vital threat' due to an expected North Korean missile launch. More here