North Korea's foreign minister: Trump has declared war on our country

I lived through the Watergate years and Nixon but this lunacy is something else entirely. There are a great many of us who are waking up with anxiety that this man could do the unthinkable. He apparently knows no history and has little to no respect for the art of diplomacy. How he became president is both baffling and very upsetting as I see the racism and bigotry growing daily and becoming normalized by people who apparently have felt constrained over the years by civility or as they call it political correctness. Seems to my husband and me that what they’re actually mad about is that they can’t spout their hatred openly without getting called out on it. We’re horrified. The NK problem seems to grow by the day with each bully sticking their chin out a little further every day. Unthinkable threats being tossed around as if they are meaningless. Hideous.