Not a good time to get a house sitter

We have never had a problem getting a house sitter before, but September does not look to be a good time to get one.
We were hoping to get back to the UK for 3 weeks and really need someone to stay on the farm what with the 9 cats, the hens and to cut the grass, but everyone seems to be busy going through the usual sites this month.
Every contact is either in the middle of a house sit or just starting one, so it looks like we might have to put off untill next month, we never thought we would have a problem.

I am curious, what sites or services do you typically use to find someone to keep an eye on your place while you are gone? Do you have them stay there or do they just come by to make it looked lived in?
I have often thought it would be a good business opportunity for someone.

Do you think covid with its repercussions… has had an effect this year… .?

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If you were thinking of hiring Brits who aren’t residents, I’d imagine it has a huge effect.

There are quite a few sites around that house sitters either do or don’t want paid for house sitting, trusted house sitters and mind my house are two of the most popular.
We have always had people stay at the house when we are away and they have always been great apart from one a few years ago, we have friends and the local shopkeeper who would come in and feed them while we are away but I feel that only works for around a week not three.
I don’t think it really is covid related, a lot of students heading back to university and people who were not on holiday last month needing house sitters now, most house sitters just seem to be busy this month, we did not go last month on purpose, because we thought it would be too busy in August and September would be better.
We always use French, Italian or Belgian residents.

Our local gardening service also provide holiday cover for pets, indoor plants and the like. We only use them for cutting a very high hedge, but I just noticed it on their advert.

So all sorts of people have realised the opportunity! Not just trad house sitters. And if they are service à la personne registered you may well get 50% of cost back.

Only if you pay tax.

If you are resident you fill in a tax form. And if you don’t actually pay any tax (or don’t pay enough) they send you a cheque for the appropriate amount that would have been deducted!

2 Likes and are 2 old links I saved. Probably after seeing favourable feedback.

Not sure how many Aussies have been able to do this in past 2 years though! But there are some for whom housesitting is a lifestyle and may have managed (or been forced with Oz not taking many back) to stay on.

Wow. I had no idea such services existed. I don’t plan on having any animals in France (it wouldn’t be fair to the animals) but it certainly seems like it might be a good way to have a presence at a property while being gone for long periods of time if I decide that is necessary.

Hi i was on the Workaway site and THS until C19 hit since then I’ve joined groups via other sources as a Pet/House sitter and those I’ve have done this year have been returning sits so I’m already knowledgeable of Area House Animals.

It’s a good idea to search at least 2-3 weeks before requirements but I agree people have waited for Sept, if they’re not in need of school holiday periods.
There are various formats too, those that sit as a business, those that request travel costs and those that accept the offer of free accommodation in exchange for taking care of your home and pets. The level of care is a discussion, usually via video call of each individual family’s need.
I’m currently on standby for Sept, their family member is seriously unwell in UK and the family may have to go quickly.

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We usually post 4-6 weeks in advance but I think we will put things back a month this year as everyone looks to be booked this month, we have had over 25 replies and all are booked.

Hello which department are you in ? Do you use companies as they check those staying ?

I am in 72, I use the likes of mind my house, trusted house sitters etc.