Not Good News.. Carte Grise on the Internet ... it's not getting better!

It works in some cases… but, more often than not, it is a nightmare…

It’s not just CG’s that are affected. We know of two people who applied to swap driving licences late last year and still haven’t had their new ones through, in one case the lady is now 70 so is worried that her UK licence has expired so technically she shouldn’t be driving at all.

Tim… you’re quite right… it’s the whole kit and kaboodle… utter shambles.

We waited 3.5 months for a new Carte Grise … lots of chasing emails … but it did finally arrive.

we have done 1 car we sold and 2 cars we bought since the new laws came in for the internet and all 3 have been received.

Still no further movement on the dossier I entered on 22 January…:zipper_mouth_face:

I remember how I went to re-register our english car in Macon, quite a bit of waiting, but then the paper.
All I had to do was to drive into the next street and there was a guy who made up the plates.
The look of astonishment on Jim’s face when I actually drove into our courtyard with our new French plates was amazing.

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