Not just the UK Govt at fault, then?

England will do very well if it can get rid of the burden of Scotland and NI.

Indeed. All that Scottish oil has been a burden to the UK for decades. Margaret would have been much better off without it, don’t you think ?


Nicely put Vero :clap:

It was never Scotch oil.

Had they never had the idiot Sturgeon and her nutty party they would have done so much better.

Geof, keeper of pogs too, can you ever be less depressing and negative for a while an stop pushing the continual marxist control freak message. You are after all an immigrant, If I understand things correctly.

Jousus I don’t normally comment on political stuff but really,??


No. Some people who live in London will do very well. The rest of England, and Wales, won’t.
Scotland will be much better off without England, in the EU.

Geography says otherwise. Incidentally as a rule the adjective Scottish is preferred, rather than Scotch.


What is a pog, please?


please explain what that has to do with the price of fish… or Geof’s comment at all…
or did you perhaps consume too much “scotch oil” :thinking:


So tell us, Random, which particular leading UK politicians you think are less ‘idiotic’ than Nicola Sturgeon?


Of course, all pogs are actually marxists…

I’m sure Geof doesn’t need me to stand up for him, but this sort of ad hominem attack is cheap and weak. You can disagree with someone’s opinion without needing to resort to personal attacks.


absolutely! I’m certain that @billybutcher hasn’t seen it otherwise he would have called it out - OTOH he may have just left it in place as a prime example of the sort of depths some misguided people will descend to in order to score cheap points :wink:

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Cheers Gareth.

I expect it. I’ve never come across anybody on the political right that can sustain a civilised, evidenced discussion - it’s related to the core right-wing attachment to authority, rather than reason - at some point they always reach for the personal.

Luckily, as here, most people (of all other political persuasions) see it for what it is.


The attack on Sturgeon is also interesting - there’s a truth behind this that Tories have been trying to hide for decades, mentioned today actually in a William Keegan article:

The Thatcher government’s “achievements” of presiding over a doubling of the inflation rate, to approaching 20%, between 1979 and 1980 – accompanied by the biggest recession since the second world war – and a level of unemployment that rose from under 1.5 million in 1979 (when Conservative posters proclaimed “Labour isn’t working”) to more than 3 million by 1986…

What got the UK out of this dreadful self-inflicted hole? - Scottish Oil !
Now the English Tories have driven the UK into another hole - but is there another bonanza like North Sea Oil to get them out of it?

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Dizzy Lizzy in a superwoman suit :thinking:

EU membership as well

Indeed, the Tory governments of the 80s and 90s pissed all the huge oil wealth up against the wall. In complete contrast, Norway put most of it’s oil wealth into a fund that is currently worth over 1 trillion dollars.

Edit: Its over 1.24 trillion dollars


Apologies, real life is interfering with my SF time - still keeping an eye on things but not quite as intently as normal for the moment.

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And it’s not just down to the health service… Further insight here into what faces the very elderly in the UK now: