Not just the young

Last week I was in Normandie and on Sunday took a walk to the local beach which is also the start point for walks to the Mont Saint Michel and Tombelaine.

As I was sprawled in the sand dunes, I had time to observe the eight groups of walkers setting off. Each group contained around 50-80 people, average age was 35 -65 and in each group there was no more than one or two wearing a mask. Yes, they were outside and the sea breeze was probably enough to blow the virus away but…they all huddled around the guide at the off and stayed very close together. I can’t believe they were all members of the same household. Utterly stupid IMHO.


I am prepared to believe I am excessively cautious, but that seems to me extremely foolish.

Do you think we have become soft? We can’t cope with privations lasting a few months, let alone the sort of thing people suffered between 1939 and 1945?

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I tend to agree.

People revolted against that to

Yesterday was sitting on social media and see pictures from the French army and gendarmes schools full plutons of men and women training together In close quarters and no one had any face masks On what kind of signal is that sending too people that there is one role for government and one for the people makes no sense at all

What do you mean?

If they are in training and have been for some weeks they probably only see each other, so they could constitute what is known as a bubble. And for all we know they have been tested.


Think about a little more

Not following you?

Resisting the Germans the same thing people are always going to resist being told to do anything by a government

Don’t be ridiculous, disobeying your elected government and disobeying an invading power aren’t remotely the same.


I think it’s the ‘I won’t get sick because I don’t know anybody who has caught the virus’ syndrome.
Certainly this syndrome seems prevalent at the Bar across the street from us where the staff regularly remove their masks so that they may kiss their regular customers on the cheeks.
These people seem totally unaware that they are endangering everyone in their commune by their behaviour.
After all, it only takes one person to behave unwisely to infect a whole community.


It’s the same in my village to and they are no young people in that place

No one voted ore like the current president here I definitely now that to be fair they have newer liked any northern people telling them what to do here they are some people from the big city’s in north here and they don’t even like them so of course they are not going to listen to some president that doesn’t understand people in the country side people here resisted first the vicy then Germans and then any French president after

I live in the countryside as do many people and have a job in town - again like many people.
I voted for Macron in both rounds of the election. I am a fairly representative French person :grinning:

I think you should be very careful about conflating things, drawing conclusions and generalising about French people based on your tax-dodging*, working under the radar*, anti-septentrionaux*, xenophobic* gendarme-disliking* acquaintances :grin:
*As you have described them

ps using punctuation would make you easier to follow :blush:


That’s the differents you only live in the country side but instead you work in town you are not really a country side people I have many friends that live outside the city’s because of its better for their families but the are from the city work in the city they wold newer say that they are country people

I am not an agricultrice or a viticultrice, nor do I, eg, herd goats…that doesn’t make me a citadine, you know.
There are many sorts of ‘countryside people’. As I said, beware of generalising based on the experience of your ‘many friends’.

I’m finding it slightly offensive to be getting lessons about myself and my own country from some random foreigner, so I shall not be entering into further discussion with you.


I am slightly put out to discover that you do not, in fact, moonlight as a goat herd after a day’s teaching.





Well, that’s what she says


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