Not me, did a martian enter my body?

Yup it finally happened… I exploded today!

Normally smiley, calm, mildley funny… Today mad woman, who tells it like it is, regardless of the boss and everyone else’s reaction.

It was a long time coming, but necessary. I don’t know what the fallout will be, probably not positive, but at least I’m not hiding it behind a false smile any more.

One of my collegues commented that she had never seen me disagree with anyone before, and that my forcefullness both surprised and shocked her. Apparently my collegues have all commented in the past that I was docile, and would say yes to anything! Oh now they know different.

The strange thing is I feel cold about it all. Neither elated nor distraught. I’m not sure how I should feel either.

So if anyone who knows me reads this, hope not but you never know,I’m happy I said it all. I don’t wish I could take it back, but do want everyone to know nothing is personal, simply an indicator of my overall feelings and pent up frustrations.

I’ll be happy and smiley again next week, the “crise” will be over and I’ll go along my jolly way to make changes and “go with the flow”. I just need a few more days to adjust. Bear with me.