Notaires and inheritance/wills

Apologies that this partly covers an earlier thread.

My wife and I have been married 43 years, with no children. We are "almost" at the point when we can pay the balance of the price, sign the deed, and have the the keys for a property near Agen.

We have told "our" notaire that the property should go to the surviving spouse on death, that no part of the estate is to go to siblings.

There are english wills that provide for the estate to ultimately go to named charities. We have also told the notaire that we will make "Certificates of Succession"

Extracting blood from a stone is easier than getting a reply from the notaire!

Has any subscriber managed to achieve the result we require (surviving spouse to have 100% ownership and prevent any part of the estate (both on first spouse death and then remaining spouse's death ) going to siblings?

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I'm in the middle of discussions with a notaire not about excluding siblings but varying the normal percentages laid down in French law on French assets as children from my first marriage are already well provided for in the UK and have jobs and have benefited from a private education (some here will shriek!). My daughter is thirty years younger than my sons and will not benefit from a family trust in the UK so I am seeking to redress the balance. My sons know and are co-operating. The notaire is seeking expert advice and I venture that these new laws are going to be fruitful ground for those of the legal profession, both sides of the Channel. There's a good man at Russell Cooke in London called Richard Frimston and he seems to be up to speed (but there is a cost implication).