Notaires - do they always do their job? Help, mine isn't

Hi all,

I am a new member to SFN and am in serious need of advice regarding notarys and prodcedures regarding the sales of businesses in France.

I have sold a business in March last year and was informed that the notary would be contacting all government bodies to see if monies were owed from the business. I was aware of a TVA bill that needed to be settled and that another invoice was due from RSI. My business account was slightly overdrawn as business was sold at end of winter, and bank was aware that I sold for a profit and account would be settled, but as is normal I was incurring charges until funds released by the notary...

In the meantime I have send a recorded bank has sent numerous communication...I contacted the notary by phone, and been assured that I would receive a statement of account, which never arrived.

I am aware that notaries have 5 months to track debtors and sort funds, but it is now 10 months after the sale and I am worried that I will end up with nothing due to constantly increasing charges from the bank!!

Can anyone advise how I can proceed? The notary is never available when I call...

With best regards and thanks for anyone who can assist?