Notaires fees increase

Since 19th February 2011, notaires fees have increased. An article in mentions this modification. Please find below its translation:

The notaires tariffs have just been revalued by ministerial decree. Probate, marriage contracts, gift to the surviving spouse …, on average the price of deeds will rise by nearly 7%. Zoom on increases affecting real estate transactions.

Increase of administrative costs
Unchanged since 2006, the unit of value used to calculate many deeds goes from 3.65 euros to 3.90 euros (excluding VAT). For example, each property survey appendixed to the deed of sale will now be charged 18.65 euros (including VAT) against 17.46 euros before. Similarly, the document on the purge of the right of withdrawal will cost the buyer now 46.64 euros (including VAT), against 43.65 euros (including VAT) previously…

Also note, some administrative formalities compulsorily required when selling property (civil status certificates, applications for cadastral references, copies of deeds…) are no longer charged to the unit, but grouped in a single package for 420 euros (including VAT). Pricing changes, which again, may slightly inflate the bill: the extra cost could go up to 200 euros, according to the notaires interviewed.

More expensive fees for small transactions
The ministerial decree also amends the rules of “émoluments proportionnels” (proportional fees) charged by notaires. The new brackets will only be revalued for small transactions between 30,000 and 60,000 euros. For this range, the undersigned will now apply a rate of 1.10% (excluding VAT) against 0.825% previously. Take the example of a property bought 50,000 euros: the notaire will no longer levy 886 euros (including VAT), but 952 euros.