Notre Dame de Paris 2023

fascinating photos of some of the new woodwork etc…

hopefully it will all come together … swiftly and with style… :wink: :wink:


Less than a year to go…

I know someone involved in the reconstruction… so am watching all this with personal interest… seems today’s event is a key stage…

Whenever it gets finished… it will be marvellous :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the links Stella. We’ve been following the travaux, but didn’t know this was happening today.

neither did I… my pal normally sends me a message … perhaps he’s been too busy today :wink:

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”oohs from the crowds

Not quite on topic, but Notre Dame could be affected.

In 1994 François Mitterrand visited my local town Saintes when it was badly flooded – flooding was a regular event due to its river overflowing in winter.

What I didn’t know was that Paris was flooded in 1910 and is apparently in danger of flooding again.


Fascinating article on a subject of which I was wholly unaware. Thanks.