Now is the season of the wine harvest........any recommendations.....and with what?

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Any Bacchanalians out there?.....

Just a heading to grab one's attention....(I'm quite straight-laced and I'm not encouraging weird 'goings on', you understand....).....

As promised, reposted from elsewhere.......

I haven't yet explored the Montbazillac area...keep meaning to because out of the new (to me) wines that I have tried since spending more time over here, I am a real fan of fruity Monbazillac...I tend to prefer 'peppery reds' and rasberry-like rose...dislike a lot of dry whites...and I didn't think I'd take to what I suppose is a dessert wine, but I'm a real fan...

I don't know much about wine (but I know what I like, so far).....I feel there is alot of 'snobbery' potential in this topic.....I remember being impressed by a really 'quaffable' fruity white wine that I bought along with a meal in the National Gallery (London) years ago, so much so that I noted it down in my was a 'Nierstein Goutte Domtal' (not sure of the spelling, now)....Later that day picked up a concise wine guide in a charity shop....which to my dismay, dismissed this wine as being of poor quality with almost no redeeming features !....

During the Summer 'Marche Nocternes' ...the aim with friends is to try and but a wine which is perfectly drinkable but at the lowest price possible....

What are your favourites, where are the best places to find good bargains and what would you serve with them....?

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Yep Paul...

Have always liked Merlot....and I have bought it from the Intermarche..

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I like one or two whites, but neither are French...Pinot Griggio & Zinfandel..... Oh and I've just remebered that I did pick up a very reasonably priced Muscat in the Intermarche (about 3 euros)..but I liked this because of it's wasn't dry at all.

I would like to visit a vineyard in Montbazilliac and take a tour....

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Thanks Suzanne, Will investigate this

(Paul Smith 2) #5


Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cab. Sauv from €3.19 a bottle from Intermarché. Unbeatable value.

(Shirley Morgan) #6

I ought a book called The Hoy of Wine, several years ago either from one of the French exhibitions in London, or Amazon, I don’t remember now. Topics inc History of Wine - Vineyard to Cellar - Wine at the Table etc. It’s written by Jane Hughes, she’d worked for Wine Magazine it’s published in Lorenz Books, she also covers a little, wines from other countries.

Full of useful hints and tips. I liked Chablis for a nice Dry White, or if eating a fish dish a good Muscadet goes well. I endorse what Brian and Suzanne have said, it’s great fun popping into the cavists and Intermarche aalways had a good selection of all the wines. Languedoc weren’t renowned for dry Whites, morethe sweet ones, which I think Montbazillac may be but they produced some good Rose wines and several reds also. Given I don’t drink red or white now, I just have an occasional glass of Rose and since leaving the Herault and not buying wine I have forgotten the names of the ones we did buy.

There was a Cave on the mountain road between Bedarieux and St Gervais sur Mare I the Herault, that sold a lovely red wine produced locally and for export. it had a good classification. Don’t know if Suzanne might know where I’m talking about? the thing about wine though is that it is definitely to each individual’s taste. Iv’e seen it up here on the shelves in super U but they have nothing like the selection of Intermarche!

(Elaine Anderson) #7

If you are down in the SW try the Jurançon and Béarnais wines.

The Caves are open in Gan (near Pau) … you can have a free tour and see the wines being produced … for the white wines. Their winery at Belloc, near Salies de Béarn produces the reds and rosés.

Just remember to take your chauffeur so that you can do some serious tasting!

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #8

Find yourself a good wine cavist, they won't sell only wines at top prices but will sell the best of the wines in the local area - one of my good friends just opened a new wine cave (having previously held degustations a domicile) and he has visited hundreds of domaines over the past 10 years particularly in our area as well as attending wine fairs etc. His prices are fair and just because he is friends with a vigneron doesn't mean he will stock their wine. I asked why he didn't have a particular wine and his reply was because there are others this year that are better for the price. Fair call.

The cavist will ask your budget and your preferences and tastes to help guide you. Good Luck! It's a fun adventure exploring wine - if you decide to visit a wine cavist, do buy a wine if you try but don't feel you need to buy a box of 6 or 12. We used to feel awkward leaving without buying less than 6 but now we feel its ok to buy 1 or 2 bottles - if you like it then you will go back!

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Sounds good...I will give them a try....

Best places to buy ?....I've only bought from Intermarche....haven't tried the dedicated wine warehouses on the D660 or the roundabout near the airport...A better financial deal ? ...but I suppose you have to bulk buy...

(Brian Milne) #10

There are some superb Pécharmant reds too. They are tannic, full-bodied, ruby coloured with fruity aromas,good to serve with duck, most red meat and strong cheeses.