Now, that’s a lot of wine!

Just watching ´Stunning Spain with Alex Polizzi’, she is visiting the Rioja area and said the Rioja vineyards produce 75 million bottles of wine annually.

Now that’s one heck of a lot of vino collapso !


That’s a lot of vinegar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry, but I’m really surprised that a) Someone should compare rioja to vinegar because it’s usually a very smooth, mellow wine whose tannins have been absorbed before it’s put on sale
b) I’m also surprised that this assertion has already received two up votes - you’re obviously drinking much better wine than I can afford…

I’d argue that rioja has always been remarkable value if one enjoys drinking old wine. I don’t know of any French appellation where one can buy ten or twelve year old, well-aged wines for similar money. Nevertheless, I’m hoping someone is going to tell me where I can!


Nope just can’t stand wine it all just tastes like vinegar, hence the smiley :wink:

A mere drop in the ocean that is Languedoc wines. 1.8 BILLION bottles a year on average. Of course, that’s absolutely not one of the reasons I live in the 'Oc :wink:

Flipping heck !!!

Brilliant watch Peter.

Loved the bit where she went round the dust coated cave.

Pamplona looked a bit dodgy.


Yes, entertaining programme

There are some fantastic Riojas, eg those made by eg Alvaro Palacios’ family in Rioja alta, for contrast you could try something from Ribera del Duero or Priorat (Palacios again) from the other side of the country.

Yes Andy, I don’t think i’d fancy being chased around the streets by a herd of angry bulls well, not when I’m sober anyway !

Still waiting for someone to reveal to me better value old French wines than rioja, c’mon don’t keep, it to yourselves !

I’ve had good and dodgy Rioja over the years.
I live in the Gaillac AOC and tend to try the local wines.

I didn’t see the programme but I visited and enjoyed Pamplona in 2017 on a little road trip to catch the ferry from Santander to Portsmouth. I can recommend the Gran Hotel La Perla in the centre. Just watch out for the bulls and the Jesuits, both very dangerous :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds like a lot of bull5#1t too John !!

Yes, and that was from the Jesuits :laughing:


We were in Aldi in Charolles once and there was Rioja Gran Reserva just on one of the places near the checkout, so we bought two bottles and had for one lunch.
We went back the next day and bought the lot.

I think that the fault must lie in your taste buds, as all wine definitely doesn’t taste like vinegar.
How about a decent 12 or 15 year old Scotch to test the taste buds?

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In France I mainly drink local SW wines, but find Gaillac a confusing appelation because it seems they can use virtually any combination of grapes. Also I’ve yet to find a white Gaillac that I’ve enjoyed.

Jane there are a lot of things I will like the taste of and you wouldn’t it not a fault :wink: everyone has different tastes, I like whisky, ricard, tequila straight with nothing mixed in, but all wine does taste of vinegar to me not a fault just a taste I do not like.

Probably like everything Mark, you need to shop around and taste the wines to get an idea. There are some nice white wines around here.