Now to cheer you all up

It seems to be one of those days where I detect some discontent. Right, I said to myself, on seeing that Louise Gordet had put up something by Eejit on facebook. I borrowed it, am putting it up here and quite frankly do not care whether you like Irish music or not as long as it cheers some of you up, just a little perhaps.

Recordings and other stuff by Lot et Garonne (France) based Irish music ensemble, EEJIT

Enjoy and lighten up.

Was just listening to some Purp and noticed that Jon Lord snuffed in July this year, nothing to do with Irish music but just a sad note...

Fecking Nightmare?

what exactly would one call a collection of Irish groups?

My 'local' Irish Irish group, the other Irish group are all French but excellent.

Got jiggy with that Brian, thanks