Nuisance Calls

In July 2015 the French Government introduced new rulings on cold calling and have introduced a liste d'opposition they also set large fines for companies who do cold calling with masked numbers. So hope maybe. There is also a "TPS" system governed by lots of French companies called PACITEL who I registered with when it started in 2011. A few weeks ago they emailed me asking to confirm I still wished to be a member and update my phone and mobile numbers. Joining this cut down the number of unwanted and silent calls to almost none. One of whom would ring 6-7 times some days. I tried all sorts of things to deter them... Finally using a high pitched portable alarm I use of the exterior doors when we are in the garden - that worked. However, there was one 01 number and an 055 who would not give up and I think they represent French companies you have ordered from. Several complaints to Orange France eventually resolved that. Now we have not had a silent or cold call for months so although it takes time to work through the system eventually works.