Hi, has anyone had experience of the above internet/TV service supplier?

Seems they cover our area in Rochechouart - near Limoges - but until we arrive and get a landline we seem to be at a bit of a brick wall with taking our enquiry any further.

Do you know the telephone number (or can you find out) of a future neighbour ? Then you could go here :> and it will tell you what services are available for that number. If they are close enough to your new house, those services should be available to you as well.

I moved from Free to Orange after a technical problem took ages to sort out and that needed Free to liase with Orange. Good news, apart from the free Samsung tablet, was that my speed doubled.

Chris, Looking up a Rochechouart phone no. on shows that Numericable don't have their own Internet infrastructure there. Unless they have an independent cable TV network, which could be the case, they are not unbundled and therefore dependent on Orange/FT for most fault-finding. I'd certainly suggest looking at Free & SFR, who are unbundled (dégroupé) or at Orange itself, rather than go for a two-supplier solution. It is actually possible to order an Internet cum landline service in advance without having to get the landline first. There needs to be a telephone pair going to the premises, but you don't need much more than the address to check that out. Again, take a look at, giving your French address & see what it comes up with as possibilities. (They don't seem keen to talk about Free, but maybe they don't get any commission from them.) Lots of people on here & plenty of people I know in my area do have Free & think it's great. There's more info on all this here on SFN & on today's thread started by Sue Marriott in the Facebook group [English speakers in Languedoc-Roussillon, France].