Numpty CG Question No. 3812

When I can finally get the CT done on my Visa, can I keep the original reg. on the new carte grise ?


Why are you getting a new carte grise?
What is the original reg?
If you’re changing owners or registering for the first time you need a reg no in the current format.
The ct has nothing to do with the price of eggs as far as I can see, beyond the fact that obviously you need one.

I inherited the car from a friend
The last CT was in 2016
Obviously, our local CT centre is closed for the time being
I heard that ownership can be transferred, but I don’t know
for certain if this is the case.
The original reg. dates from 1983 & from Dépt. 34…I’d like to keep it but am unsure if I can

Ah ok.
No, you’ll get a new number.

Thank you

When you register the car it will be issued with a new style number. If you register it as a VdC you will be able to display that new number on black plates.
Contact your local CT station directly to see if they are still operating.

You should still be able to get a CT.

Nice little car the Visa.

I’ve no idea what paperwork is needed to transfer ownership of and inherited car.

I phoned the CT centre, expecting a recorded message;but spoke with the owner who explained that they can do nothing before the 25th, except in an emergency…so I shall wait & see what happens. I love my Visa…can’t wait to get it on the road.

Good luck with her Bob. A nice way to remember you friend.

I think so too,John

If it was from a friend & there is no family then you need -

A demande form (cerfa 13750-05) filled in as necessary by yourself.
Proof of your ID & domicile,
The original carte grise,
A CT less than 6 months old,
Proof of inheritance certifying that there is no will, nor other heirs of the deceased, that there is no marriage contract and that there are no lawsuits or disputes in progress concerning the status of heir or the composition of the estate OR a certificate from the notary in charge of the liquidation of the estate certifying that Mr. Mrs. …, born on … to …, died on … to … and that there is a vehicle in the estate (with an indication of the make, registration number and vehicle identification number of the vehicle) OR a notarial deed drawn up by a notary.

You should then be able to apply via ANTS for a change of title holder. Should they then notify you that anything else is needed it can be added later


On the ball, as usual Mark :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I received all the necessary paperwork from their notaire…the process 15 months…but now you’ve mentioned it, I will check once more.