Nuns cooking

(Mandy Davies) #1

I found this great channel on Youtube.

Anyone ever had Far Breton? It looks a bit like Clafoutis.


(Véronique Langlands) #2

Far aux pruneaux. Mmmmm


(Mandy Davies) #3

It looks lovely. A sweet yorkshire pudding mixture with fruit. Might have to try that.


(Peter Goble) #4

That’s (more or less) how I made the clafoutis aux mirabelles in the summer when there was a glut. It’s so easy, too, for a beginner.

These video demonstrations are fantastic. One of my neighbours surprised me on Thursday evening with two very fresh and prepared pigeons, in return (I think) for the heap of kiwis I unloaded on his wife (not literally!)

I followed an on-line demonstration of how to remove the breasts cleanly, how to use the carcasses and some root veg and herbs to make a bouillon (I later added a little Worcestershire Sauce and some rivesalte) , how to reduce it for a rich sauce, then how to sear the breasts in butter one minute on each side. I ate all four breasts alone :cry: with sauteed sprouts but being alone didn’t hinder my enjoyment (and satisfaction) at dishing up a treat.

Thanks to all of you especially Mandy and Véronique (and James and Cat) for encouraging me to put on my pinnie and cook! :+1:,


(Ann Coe) #5

Well done Peter.
Reminds me of the time that my French partner declared that I should help prepare the pigeons.
Didn’t realise that this meant that after they were dispatched and plunged into hot water that I had to pluck them !!:scream:
I could almost feel their hearts still beating under my hands. I carried ‘gamely’ on, after all they had already given up the ghost but it’s not an experience that I would want to repeat.
Don’t even get me going about the Geese :nauseated_face:


(Mandy Davies) #6

Brilliant Pete. Sounds lovely. Really pleased you have discovered the pleasures of cooking

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(Jane Williamson) #7

Well done, and it sounds as though you teally enjoyed the fruits of your labour.

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(Peter Goble) #8

Thank you all for the encouragement.

The nun’s démonstration was inspiring, I admired her gentleness and economy of movement in preparing the food, and the respect she showed for the ingredients. Everything seemed unhurried. Of course she had to slow things down so as to make the video intelligible, but I caught the respect and the unhurried way she went about her task. I followed much of what she said but not all by any means. [ Bit of an aside here: understanding conversational French is still an obstacle for me, but understand women much better, maybe it’s the timbre of the voice, it always seems much ‘cleaner’, or perhaps women are better at reading non-verbal cues in a listener and adapt their style accordingly.]

Back to cooking… :upside_down_face:

I have worked with a fair amount with monks and nuns and they are taught and practice mindfulness in daily life, a life-enhancing skill when one remembers to practice it!

So many celebrity kitchen videos are fraught affairs with men shouting, pans clashing and, the emotional temperature equatorial. Off-putting, even if the finished dish looks edible it reeks of adrenaline for me. So I shall go the unflappable, attentive and respectful way, giving time to have inner dialogue with the ingredients and the utensils! :+1::yum:

Again, many thanks